‘The thick leaves in my murmur

Are rustling like a dream,

And all their myriad voices

Instinct with spirit seem.’

Emily Brontë, ‘The Night Wind’

Hi, welcome to Myriad Voices. My name’s Zoë and I created this blog to share my love of music in all its forms. I will be posting reviews of new albums, as well as lists, features and retrospectives covering music both recent and old.

As you can see above, the words ‘myriad voices’ come from an Emily Brontë poem. The description of these ‘myriad voices’ of nature, ‘instinct with spirit’ always sounded so entrancing to me. I chose it as the title of my blog because I feel it reflects my aim to celebrate music in all its diversity, not restricted by genre or time period.

The first posts I want to share with you are a list of my favourite songs from 2020 and two album reviews I wrote last year. Although now fairly out of date, these were among the first pieces of writing about music that I created and I would like to have them introduce my blog.

Music has long been an essential part of who I am. It seems to be able to hit such specific emotions that I didn’t even know I had, able to transform my day in a single song, able to make me feel more deeply than any other kind of art can.

And yet, it’s just sounds. That’s all it is. Just sounds, arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s profound, personal and incredibly meaningful but also blissfully superficial.

It’s this combination of the deep and powerful with the frivolous that makes me want to write about music, to describe how a bunch of sounds arranged in a certain way evokes joy, sadness, nostalgia, defiance, how it can comfort or unsettle, bring up memories, create hopes, change minds, help form identities.

Maybe I can introduce someone to a new song they’ll love, or remind someone of a great album they had forgotten all about, or maybe just share my enthusiasm with other music-lovers. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts!

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